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Our Story 

Bringing Together Communities to Support Breastfeeding

Our mission is to work collaboratively to increase rates of breastfeeding initiation and duration to improve the health of Pennsylvania chest/breastfeeding parents, babies, and families.


The First Food program was launched in October 2020 through funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Health and was developed out of the need to foster community support for breastfeeding beyond the hospital. Communities must work together to improve equity and eliminate breastfeeding disparities by breaking down barriers that prevent someone from reaching their breastfeeding goals.


Everyone in the community has a role to play in supporting a parent and baby in their breastfeeding journey. First Food identifies community partners and engages in collaborative efforts throughout Pennsylvania to increase the availability and access to policies and programs that support breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is important and when we support it, we support healthier moms, healthier babies and healthier communities.


We are always looking for community partners to join us in our efforts to build more breastfeeding friendly communities throughout Pennsylvania!

You are here because.... 

You are an advocate/parent/caregiver/healthcare provider/childcare/business who advocates, supports and believes in the efficacy of breastfeeding. 


Meet Our Team

Program Director

Dottie Schell, BS, RN, CLC

Program Manager

Devon Gilinger MPH, CHES, CLC

Program Coordinator

Bridget Neumaier, BA, MS

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